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Meet Angela

Angela Marshall, is a motivational speaker, professional writer, columnist, bestseller author, creative consultant, ex-NFL wife and business owner of “In Other Words, By Stone.” Also known as “Author Stone,” Angela is an Augusta, Ga., native, entrepreneur and positive words powerhouse that utilizes her personal life experiences of struggle, strength and success to captivate audiences and readers abroad. She speaks with positive purpose and passion to motivate others while encouraging them through challenges. She is also a community advocate, youth mentor and supporter.




“Empower people through personal life experience to overcome doubt, fear and past situations. The transparent testimonies and practical dialogue in forums, conferences and seminars with Author Stone, sets the stage for inspiration and encouragement to positively impact those in attendance. Lives are changed and mindsets are refocused."



With information and input from the client, Author Stone will create memorable, fact or fiction (based on client criteria) and eloquent words that will captivate, motivate and innovate your target audience. Need someone to edit, proof-read your writing work-in-progress? Look no further. In Other Words by Stone will work with you on your project with success in mind for the end result.”



“Do you have a book idea, story to tell or need content for a project, public service announcement, newsletter or flyers? Contact Author Stone for words and material that will capture, entertain and inform your target audience.”

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